Har du list til tjene litt penger??

orker ikke oversette teksten, bruk google translate hvis du ikke forstr

this awesome app called feature points gives you cash for just downloading apps and keeping them open for only one minute. then you go back to feature points and then delete the app! the app is not on the itunes or android store it is like a web page that you download to the home page so just use my link, it?s safe, if you don?t believe me just message me (:

you can get the follow items:

  • instant amazon gift cards
  • paypal cash
  • app that cost money in the app store
  • playstation gift cards
  • xbox gift cards
  • itunes giftcards
  • phones & tablets

if you use my code you get 50 extra points

my code iscs9qnp
you can also use my link

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